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The Bar association of
Kiev City and Kiev Oblast

Yakobchuk Victor Troyanovych

Legal experience of over 15 years
Specialization / category of cases in the proceedings:
• Civil (hereditary disputes, property division)
• administrative (cases of administrative violations, violations of customs regulations, disputes with customs authorities, traffic)
• economic (transport, logistics, warehouse, FEA)
• criminal (smuggling, theft, violation of traffic safety or operation of transport persons who control the means of transport).

Early career:
The investigation of the prosecution, public prosecution.
Inquiry of anti-smuggling and customs violations.

Since 2003 – legal services business (including FEA) and private practice of law (civil, criminal, administrative law, rule-making).

3 09.1992 06.1997 on
Chernivtsi State University them. Fedkovych, legal, Chernivtsi.
civil specialization

Additional education
2001 3 months – training course Training Center of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

Address: 01196, Kyiv,
sq. Lesi Ykrainki, 1,
Tel. +38 099 124 70 16
e-mail: bestlawyer.kiev@gmail.com