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The Bar association of
Kiev City and Kiev Oblast



Legal Services

In our work we adhere to the principle of specialization along with a broad depth study of specific issues that are most common, or frequently arise in our clients. Lawyers – Member of the Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region providing legal assistance to citizens, offer a wide range of legal services to financial, industrial and commercial enterprises and non-profit, civic and charitable organizations.

The work of the Board adheres to internationally recognized standards and ethics of the legal profession, maintains and develops the best traditions of jurisprudence. We follow the principle of qualified approach to the affairs of their clients, thereby contributing to the successful solution of the problems and achieve the desired result. The lawyers of our Board represent clients in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.

Services provided by lawyers College:

• Protection of suspects, defendants in criminal proceedings under preliminary investigation, during the trial, appeal and cassation appeal sentences preventive measure, gathering evidence in criminal proceedings.

• Representing victims (both individuals and organizations), witnesses, civil plaintiffs, defendants in criminal proceedings at all stages.

• Issues in Real Estate – Support sales transactions of residential and non-residential premises, CMC (integral property complexes), the transfer of real estate from one fund to another.

• Disputes with banks, removing property from the mortgage collateral, the return of deposits, installment loans, recognition of contracts null and void.

• Disputes with insurance companies, recovery of insurance claims, loss.

• Disputes with state regulatory authorities – fiscal, customs, border authorities, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

• Corporate, commercial disputes (including debt collection) bankruptcy.

• Obtaining licenses and permits for various activities.

• Preparation of legal memoranda, findings (legal opinion), development of optimal schemes of certain legal projects for individual clients.

• Family, inheritance, property disputes, division of marital property.

• intellectual property, registration of trademarks, industrial designs, copyright protection disputes in the area of copyright protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

• Legal examination of documents: full review of enterprise documents (due diligence), document analysis for the proposed transaction, the calculation and minimization of risks Client.

If the above-mentioned list of services you do not find what you want for you, please contact us with your question, and we will find you a specialist in upscale you need a field.

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Tel. +38 099 124 70 16
e-mail: bestlawyer.kiev@gmail.com