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The Bar association of
Kiev City and Kiev Oblast

Our Clients

Of course, the main asset of the Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region is customers. According to their specialization, lawyers, members of the Board provide legal aid as Ukrainian and foreign clients. The majority not only Ukrainian, but also foreign clients have kindly provided mention them (as a customer) to advertising practice. However, following the principle of limited advertising his practice and taking into account the Attorneys Ethics (hereinafter – the Rules), seeking no way to create a basis for the introduction leads astray, we have observed above principle not to offer services specific to the client either personally or through intermediaries and not to place promotional material information about their practices (performance characteristics, responses of others, comparison with other statements about the likelihood of successful execution of orders and other statements that can cause unfounded hope in clients).

Dominance of clients

Under the principle of legality in their practice of the Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region out of the benefits of clients’ interests before their own interests; interests of colleagues, partners and employees; legal representatives of clients, their guardians or trustees; government, law enforcement and others. Not allowed compromises to please the court, other state bodies or third parties, if any compromises contrary to the legitimate interests of customers and interfere with proper legal assistance. The Board does not neglect the violation of the law, tactless and disrespectful attitude to any of its customers or to themselves and react to the steps in the forms required by law.

Clients – legal entities
In relations to provide legal assistance to the client – legal person, entity in determining the rights and obligations of the client and the appropriate definition of the order of the duties of the Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region comes from this: for communication with customers (content negotiation orders, permits the disclosure of confidential information, clarification on the legal position in the case, information on the status of orders, etc.) client represents a person who on behalf of the legal person concluded an agreement on providing legal aid, having the appropriate authority, or other person (s) specified in the agreement; bearer of rights and obligations in the provision of legal aid to defend or represent a legal entity as such. If dealing with officials, servants and other employees of the client – legal entity associated with the provision of legal assistance to this customer, it is clear that a situation of conflict of interest – reported that it was representing a client – legal person and explained their duties related to conflict of interest.

Customers – poor. Charity.

In the practice of the Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region will always take into consideration that legal assistance is not the only source of income, but also has important social significance, is one of the main guarantees an adequate level of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens and requires commitment to this purpose profession, generosity and humanity. Therefore, advocates Board members are trying to provide legal assistance in cases stipulated by law, to partially reimbursable basis or free of charge. Trying to discover the possibility of providing legal assistance to the poor to partially compensated (privileged) basis or free of charge and in other cases expressly provided by law – based on the reasonable value of the work is fully paid. However, if the client is acquainted with his rights, still wants to introduce a fee, or if it is the other person wants to do and it’s not against the rules of legal ethics, such payments can be accepted. Part of the fees received from customers will be used for charitable purposes.

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