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The Bar association of
Kiev City and Kiev Oblast

College fee

College fee – fee for legal assistance.
The fee for legal aid installed in contractually between the client and the Board. In the case of a lawyer in a criminal case for the appointment and termination of citizen pay for legal assistance because of its low income pay a lawyer at the expense of the state in the manner prescribed by law. If the contract is terminated early, pay a lawyer for actually performed work. Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region believes that the fees are a form of payment for the provision of legal assistance to clients; it shall be lawful for the order form and making reasonable and reasonably sized. Almost all cases clients are special and those that definitely need an individual approach to solving them, but at the same time, all these things can have a single universal dimension – money (property). Questions and fee-fee-relations policy is most sensitive. Fulfilling the wishes of its customers, and given the rules proposed several forms of payment fees for legal assistance, namely fixed fee – paid once, which allows customers to fully plan costs; phased fixed fee – paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. gradually, allowing customers to plan costs; Hourly fee – account time spent, based on hourly rates, depending on position, qualifications and experience of others; paid according to invoices, which allows customers to fully control the actual time spent, costs and expenses.
Justification fee

According to the Rules of legal ethics factors are taken into account in determining the reasonable size of the fee may include: the amount of time and work required for the proper execution of orders of clients; the complexity and novelty of the legal issues relating to orders of customers; need experience to their successful completion; the likelihood that customer acceptance of orders preclude the adoption of other orders or substantially impede their performance in normal time mode; the need for business trip; importance for customer orders; role in achieving the hypothetical result desired by the client; the achievement of results of the assignment of a positive result desired by the client; special or additional customer requirements regarding the timing of orders; the nature and length of the professional relationship with the client; professional experience, research and theoretical training, reputation, significant professional skills. However, please note that none of these factors is not self-sufficient value – they are interconnected on the circumstances of each case.
Actual expenditures (costs)

According to the rules of legal ethics, the fee does not include costs that are paid by customers to cover the actual costs associated with the provision of legal aid. Bar of Kyiv and Kyiv region believes that the types of alleged actual costs associated with the execution orders are: payment of experts, the findings of which are necessary for proper legal assistance, transportation costs, travel expenses, payment for printing, copying and other technical work, translation and notarization of documents, telephone conversations, spending on health and so on.

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